Ski weekend sock knitting

We went skiing this weekend so I took along a ball of sock yarn to start a new sock.  I knit very slowly so this was most of the result of the drives in the car (6 hours each way) and a little bit at the hill, but not much.   I think there was another stripe or two complete by the time we reached home.

 Years ago I made socks using the Universal Toe Up Sock Formula published at  I have a few notes left over from that so I know what size needles would require how many stitches, etc etc.    This particular pair are being knitted on size 0 (2.0mm) bamboo needles, over 72 stitches.  The pattern is one I made up and used in these socks (one of which I made in 2009 and the second I made last year!).  The yarn is DGB Confetti Superwash, but I’ve lost the bal band so don’t know the colour.  I don’t like the colour, actually, but I remember it was more than 50% off and I like that!  It’s just a basic 2×2 rib that changes at every self-striping colour change, after a cuff is knit.  I knit these top down and enjoyed not fiddling with a toe right out of the gate, and it was well suited for knitting in the car while keeping a 2 year old and a 4 year old occupied for 6 hours!


New socks

  I started these socks in…2009.  I finished them last week on a road trip.  2009!  That is 6 years for one pair of socks.  If my family had to rely on my for clothing we would all be naked.  
I thought I took photos of these on my feet, but apparently not.  I’ll have to remember to get those done at some point!