Polka dot chair blocks

I’m loving the pinwheels- I think a quilt of just pinwheels is on the list for sure.  This star was much easier to piece than I expected.  Would love to maybe do a Christmas quilt with these and fussy cut the middle squares.Not a huge fan of these pieced HST’s, but it was fun. Love this one!  Windmill?  Pinwheel?  Not sure what it’s called, but I love it. I think this is called a keystone block.  Really like this one too and could see making a full quilt in this pattern.Not a lot of cohesion in this one, will definitely need sashing.  There are a couple more blocks out now that I need to make.  It’s a super fun project!  It’s also really helping my piecing skills, which is awesome.


Easy envelope pillow covers

Yesterday I pulled out some cute kids fabric that I had tucked away and made two envelope pillow covers.  The pillow forms are actually old throw pillow from our living room that weren’t being used anymore.  They were a bit misshapen, but they work.  The envelope isn’t perfect, but I think this has to do with the misshapen, sort of flat pillow forms!  This fabric is super cute, and it’s been in my stash for years.  Rather than wait for the “perfect” project, I decided to just go ahead and use it!

These took about 30 minutes each, from start to finish (maybe less, definitely less if you knew what you were doing!)  The kids love them!

Quilt #2 complete

My second quilt is complete and has been shipped off to my mom.  She received it yesterday and loved it.  Hopefully she gets lots of time snuggling underneath it during the upcoming winter.  

I didn’t use a pattern, just sewed some strips together in like colours and then added sashing and border.  It turned out larger than I expected, so I pieced an extra strip on the back.  

This was fun to make, but I realized that quilting with two little ones around is hard – there is not a lot of time when I am really “free”.  I actually took a half vacation day to baste it and do the quilting because I couldn’t have them running all over it while I was trying to pin it!


Coming together

My first quilt top is slowly coming together. It feels exciting and like the start of something really great. Learning to use a sewing machine has been on my list for quite a while. It’s been on the big general “to do” list for several years, in fact. So I’m quite pleased that I have actually started down the path. My straight lines aren’t perfect and I’m only starting to figure out that in order to fix issue A you need more/less tension on thingy B, etc…but it’s very fun to be figuring it all out.