Ski weekend sock knitting

We went skiing this weekend so I took along a ball of sock yarn to start a new sock.  I knit very slowly so this was most of the result of the drives in the car (6 hours each way) and a little bit at the hill, but not much.   I think there was another stripe or two complete by the time we reached home.

 Years ago I made socks using the Universal Toe Up Sock Formula published at  I have a few notes left over from that so I know what size needles would require how many stitches, etc etc.    This particular pair are being knitted on size 0 (2.0mm) bamboo needles, over 72 stitches.  The pattern is one I made up and used in these socks (one of which I made in 2009 and the second I made last year!).  The yarn is DGB Confetti Superwash, but I’ve lost the bal band so don’t know the colour.  I don’t like the colour, actually, but I remember it was more than 50% off and I like that!  It’s just a basic 2×2 rib that changes at every self-striping colour change, after a cuff is knit.  I knit these top down and enjoyed not fiddling with a toe right out of the gate, and it was well suited for knitting in the car while keeping a 2 year old and a 4 year old occupied for 6 hours!


New socks

  I started these socks in…2009.  I finished them last week on a road trip.  2009!  That is 6 years for one pair of socks.  If my family had to rely on my for clothing we would all be naked.  
I thought I took photos of these on my feet, but apparently not.  I’ll have to remember to get those done at some point!


Digging through the yarn bin looking for inspiration and I came across this lone sock.  I’m pretty sure I knit this in 2009….It is a basic top down sock pattern with  a short row heel and toe.  The pattern is a 2×2 rib that shifts (reverses) at each colour change.  The first one fit so well that I cast on for a second one!

Finished hats and a new project!

I finally finished two hats for my coworkers twins. They are currently en route to her so I hope she likes them. I just did a basic 2×2 rib for about 5.25 inches, a somewhat gradual decrease (decreased 1/4 of the stitches right away and then gradual from there!), and then made giant red and white pom poms for the tops. This was my first time making poms and it was delightfully fun!


I also started a wall hanging after seeing this one over on Elise’s blog. I am basically 100% copying her. Looking forward to seeing it complete…it already looks totally lopsided so what else could possibly go wrong…


Too small..

I decided a few weeks ago to make hats for a coworker who recently had twins. It will be easy, I thought, and quick. Uh…unless you change your mind a few times, then knit a hat out of sock yarn only to discover it’s too small for your own baby’s head and so then need to find another pattern/yarn/needle combo and start again! Did I mention it’s twins? So even when I get it right I’ll still have to make another one? And my own baby? Who seems to take up an awful lot of my time… :)

Here is the too small hat in it’s almost -complete portrait. It has since been finished and stuffed into the yarn bin to await a preemie or other tiny baby to be gifted to:


The queen sized afghan is coming along slowly. I think it might have to go on hold until after I am done christmas crafting. I am working on a woven wall hanging as well as new hats for the twins!

Also, I actually made something that I saw on Pinterest! A simple little countdown to Christmas for my two year old.


I’ve noticed that back in September I said I wanted to have this site updated once a week. I’ve realized that is way too ambitious for me at this point. I can do once a month it seems, so that is what I will continue to do. I’m hoping that as time goes on I will be able to post more often….or rather, I’m hoping that it just falls into my life. But we’ll see!

Continuation and a new project

The afghan continues. Laying it out on the bed last month gave me a good idea of how much more I need to do (less than expected!) so I have transferred it back into my blanket basket and continue to work on it where and when I can. The basket holds all the yarn I want to use with the blanket on top.


I have also begun a new project – 2 newborn knit hats for a coworker who had twins a few weeks ago. I’m hoping to finish them in the next week or two so I can drop them off. I’m using the “baby ribs hat” pattern found here:
I think I’ll either do an i-cord tied in a knot on top or a pompom…I’ve never made a pompom before so it will depend on how much time I have.


new toque

I finished a toque for myself.  Once again, I don’t really like it, but I’m not ripping it out.  It’s supposed to be long and slouchy…turns out I think that looks dumb on me!  Oh well.  It’s super soft and will keep my head warm as long as it’s not too windy.



I might be able to wear it folded over in back so I don’t look like I’m trying too hard:


We’ll see how much I actually use it this winter!

The pattern is Elizabeth by Jane Richmond.  I love most of her designs and once again her pattern was well written, easy to execute and very satisfying.

I’m hoping to update this space at least once a week.  I have several projects on my list to do before Christmas and look forward to documenting them here.


Until next time,