Quilt #2 complete

My second quilt is complete and has been shipped off to my mom.  She received it yesterday and loved it.  Hopefully she gets lots of time snuggling underneath it during the upcoming winter.  

I didn’t use a pattern, just sewed some strips together in like colours and then added sashing and border.  It turned out larger than I expected, so I pieced an extra strip on the back.  

This was fun to make, but I realized that quilting with two little ones around is hard – there is not a lot of time when I am really “free”.  I actually took a half vacation day to baste it and do the quilting because I couldn’t have them running all over it while I was trying to pin it!



New socks

  I started these socks in…2009.  I finished them last week on a road trip.  2009!  That is 6 years for one pair of socks.  If my family had to rely on my for clothing we would all be naked.  
I thought I took photos of these on my feet, but apparently not.  I’ll have to remember to get those done at some point!