Summertime fun

We finally had some warm sunny weather and spent Father’s Day enjoying family and a great BBQ.   
The weather went cold again though.  9 degrees C kind of cold.  And rainy.  Ugh.  I have today off so I am working on finishing my mom’s quilt.  

  Trying to keep some semblance of straight lines using painter’s tape.  It’s not perfect but it is 100% better than if I tried to freehand them.  I have all the lines on one diagonal complete – they are about 12 inches apart.  I will do some on the opposite diagonal – maybe 16 inches apart or something.  Not as many going the other way.  I need to remember to make a label too before attaching the binding!  

I’ve been looking at quilt patterns online and I think I’d like to make a jelly roll quilt next.  Something simple like the one where you make a giant strip and cut it up.  I think it’s called a jelly roll race quilt.  Or maybe the Jelly Roll Jam one from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I think I saw instructions on how to make it a twin or lap size.  




Finally!  Things are starting to grow!  Tulips are out, columbines are coming along and the bleeding heart I forgot I transplanted there isn’t dead.  

Maybe summer will come after all.


i’m quite inconsistent in my recording of life…my journal has similar large holes to this blog!  

I basted the quilt top I made for my mom yesterday.  I ran out of pins so I need to do a bit of quilting first and then retape it and baste the rest.  I’m excited to get that out the door.  

I also bought some amazing pens.  PaperMate ink joy – they are incredibly smooth and came in 8 colours.