The Quilt.

It’s been basted, quilted, and the binding has been machine stitched to the front awaiting it’s final hand sewn finish. And it has been sitting that way for about a month.

This was the first time I have made a quilt so of course it is also the first time I basted. I used my basement floor and lots and lots of pins. The batting is 100% cotton and I’m glad I used a natural fibre.


So many pins!!


I made a simple label for the quilt back using the same solid cotton I used for the backing. I cut a square (maybe 5 inch?), folded it in half across the diagonal, pressed it, drew some lines with a water soluble market and just wrote “hand made by (my name), (place), spring 2014”. Just something to give some context to it in 50 years when I hope it is still being used by someone. I pinned it to the bottom right corner (on the back) lined up with two sides and stitched it into the quilt as I sewed on the binding.

I did notice one spot where I didn’t catch the edge of the quilt top in the binding. I think my only option is to stitch a second line in that spot, to catch the edge, and just have a bit of an uneven binding. With so many other imperfections, that is hardly going to be noticeable.

To quilt it, I couldn’t follow the seams like I wanted to do. Because they were so out of line with each other it would have been very obvious. Instead I did parallel diagonal lines across the top. I used painters tape as a guide.