First quilt top complete!


This has been a very fun project. Not very difficult, which was perfect for practicing sewing straight lines and just using the sewing machine in general. I used charm packs of Baby Jane by Eric and Julie Comstock for Moda. It actually wound up being cheaper than purchasing yardage of all these different prints – even if I only purchased quarter yards. I found that strange, but went with it. This top is larger than I thought it would be. Considering I used actual math to figure out what size I was making I’m not sure why I’m surprised…I think visually it is larger than the picture I had in my mind. Quilting will shrink it a bit, and so will washing since I plan to use a cotton batting. The backing will be the coordinating Bella Solids In Flax (the grayish tone) and the binding will be the coordinating Bella Solids in Aqua. Not very imaginative, but it’s more about process.
The seams are not perfect…at all. I put together long strips and then had to sew those together. I would have had better luck sewing nine patches or something similar and then putting those together. But of course I didn’t come across that hint online until after all 14 strips were done and I was wondering how I could fix mismatched seams without ripping it all out. There was a fair amount of ripping! But there was also a fair amount of embracing the learning process and being happy with imperfections. My husband pointed out that no one was going to be cuddled under it on the sofa critiquing it… I’m also hoping quilting makes it less noticeable. I think I’ll do parallel lines on each side of the seams – maybe 1/4 inch on each side. I’m not sure yet.
All hands on deck seem to approve.



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