I finished the wall hanging on Christmas Eve. I didn’t have a dowel to hang it from so I used an old paintbrush. It adds a nice bit of Christmas to the wall in our main room without being over the top. While I enjoyed making this, it was definitely more labour intensive than I anticipated. Now that spot on the wall in empty (there used to be a wall calendar there but I didn’t buy one for 2014) as I have tucked this away with the other decorations until next year. I’m considering making another hanging to go there just to fill the space. Full disclosure that I 100% copied this from Elise Blaha Cripe.


Creating this piece also allowed me to think a bit about the joys that I have in my life. There are many. I am quite blessed in that regard. I found out this morning that a coworkers husband died quite suddenly last weekend. I am on maternity leave and news of the office is slow to get to me. I was shocked to hear it – our weather has been quite brutal and his death was a result of it. It drives home the importance of taking the time to be aware of and appreciate the joys of life.