Too small..

I decided a few weeks ago to make hats for a coworker who recently had twins. It will be easy, I thought, and quick. Uh…unless you change your mind a few times, then knit a hat out of sock yarn only to discover it’s too small for your own baby’s head and so then need to find another pattern/yarn/needle combo and start again! Did I mention it’s twins? So even when I get it right I’ll still have to make another one? And my own baby? Who seems to take up an awful lot of my time… :)

Here is the too small hat in it’s almost -complete portrait. It has since been finished and stuffed into the yarn bin to await a preemie or other tiny baby to be gifted to:


The queen sized afghan is coming along slowly. I think it might have to go on hold until after I am done christmas crafting. I am working on a woven wall hanging as well as new hats for the twins!

Also, I actually made something that I saw on Pinterest! A simple little countdown to Christmas for my two year old.


I’ve noticed that back in September I said I wanted to have this site updated once a week. I’ve realized that is way too ambitious for me at this point. I can do once a month it seems, so that is what I will continue to do. I’m hoping that as time goes on I will be able to post more often….or rather, I’m hoping that it just falls into my life. But we’ll see!


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