Almost complete

Well, I’m almost finished the queen sized afghan I posted about back in January. I just laid it out on the bed to see if I was even half way – turns out I am more like 3/4 or more! Woot! This has been a great project, but I will be happy when it is over and we can enjoy it. Oh, but all those ends…


And yes, that is our box spring sitting on the floor. One day we might buy a bed frame, or we might not. Depends on how much we decide we care…


4 thoughts on “Almost complete

  1. Love it! I really like the style of beds with just an afcan or a thinner blanket. It makes it look really basic and it doesn’t take away from other decor in the room :-) The blanket looks great!!

    • I love this one too. I gave my nieces twin sized ones for Christmas two years ago and I think I need to make some for my kids now (can’t believe the oldest is almost out of his crib!).

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